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Sweet Tech Solutions

PC | Laptop | Mobile Device Repair & Networking*, Satellite TV & Internet*, Business Class Email, Hosting, Domains, Website Builder, SEO, Custom Wiring


Sweet Tech Solutions is here to help you and your business. From  networking  to designing and hosting your company website, we're here to help you get set up and running smoothly.



We integrate your computer networks, infrastructure, phone, data, and security systems. We're dedicated to delivering a network solution to help you efficiently manage your network.


Get going with the best solution before your business is off the ground

Website Design

Establish your web presence so customers can find and know you.

Security Solutions

Defend against malicious threats and keep your information safe.  


IT consulting

​Are you worried about your technology reliability? Are you confused about what you really need? Sweet Tech Solutions can answer all your technology questions to let you focus on growing your business.